No harm in causing offence

Are you a tosser campaign.
Are you a tosser campaign.

Well done Lancaster Guardian.

I loved the article and any challenges to offenders to pick up their litter is to be welcomed (Is provocative poster the way to get through to litter louts? May 22).

I am a pensioner who loves the environment and who regularly goes out walking. When I see litter on my route I pick it up if I know that I will be passing a litter bin.

But I did not drop it.

I have seen litter on the ground next to a bin by a bus stop with students waiting for the bus.

We need to raise people’s consciousness that it is NOT other people’s jobs to pick up their litter.

Keep Britain Tidy.

Can we have an article about the chewing gum that sticks to the pavements in Lancaster too please? It is so unsightly especially after the rain. The chewing gum man once said he does his job once a month to remove the gum. It would be so much better if offenders did not drop it in the first place and he could be redeployed into something else useful.

Jennifer Kingsley

Address supplied.