Meet those at sharp end

Food bank.
Food bank.

Lancaster Guardian of January 22 reports that one of the local MPs wants “a meaningful conversation about why people in my constituency are using the foodbank”.

I have a few suggestions to make:

1 Get out and about in your constituency, walk the streets, meet the people and talk to those at the sharp end.

2 Lay aside political affiliations and prejudices. Don’t accept anything tinged with blue or tinged with red. Find out the facts.

3 If you should find there is a problem, face it fair and square. Don’t forget, the UK is one of the richest countries in the world, and it is any government’s duty to do the best it can for all its citizens, not just those it feels are the most useful.

4 If you should find that there isn’t a problem, then publicise it with all the enthusiasm you would show if faced with tax fraud, tax evasion, or tax avoidance.

Simon Set-aright

Name and address supplied.