Market move is ludicrous idea

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WE ARE writing to urge your readers to oppose in the strongest possible terms the ludicrous suggestion that the market could be relocated to the City Museum.

The arguments against such a proposal appear to be so overwhelming that it is incredible that city councillors have given it any consideration whatsoever.

* It is abundantly clear that space remaining in the building for the excellent museum would be totally inadequate and so a major tourist attraction would be lost.

* The conversions which would be required to this Grade II listed building would be prohibitively expensive.

* The practicalities of moving and relocating fresh food storage cabinets and freezers would be insuperable.

* The possibility of the trading activities of a market with all the constraints of health and hygiene legislation, carrying on alongside the remnants of the museum, stretches the imagination too far.

* The opinions of the market traders do not appear to have been reported in the local press.

Our conversations with some of them indicate that they are fully in accordance with our own views, and those of the vast majority of Lancaster citizens.

We fully appreciate the financial pressures on the council with regard to the ground rent payable on the market hall.

This situation dates back to a decision made by the council to spend the insurance money, following the fire at the original Victorian building, on other projects, rather than putting it aside to cover the cost of a replacement market, which would have remained in their ownership.

With imagination and vision – attributes which, sadly, are rarely in evidence among the city council or their officers, there must be a solution to this problem which remains within the bounds of common sense.

Elizabeth and Hugh Roberts

Barton Road