Lunatics have taken over council


Whenever the council come up with a ‘ Cunning Plan’ I brace myself for another catastrophic Baldrick style balls up.

The latest, let’s build 12,000 new houses ongreen belt, if we can get away with it, to accommodate the thousands of bright eyed highly qualified workers needed to fill all the new jobs being created in the Lancaster area could have been conceived by Blackadder, but Mark Cullinan and his comedy team are the people behind this new farce.

Like HS2 (pictured) and the Heysham Highway, the public are consulted,and then ignored.

The facts simply do not stack up. The assumption, loosely based on the North West catching up with the economic growth in the South East is ludicrous to say the least. The developers have, somehow, persuaded the councils that green belts are an impediment to economic growth. The lunatics have taken over the council asylum.

I would urge everyone to scrutinise the plans,express your concerns. Once passed it will be too late.

Witness the devastation caused by the link road, and the unsightly ghetto on the quay.

This council have no vision or ambition, they are happy to wear the blinkers provided by the developers waiting for the next sitcom to come along.

Citizen Smith.