Letters: 20/02/14

Some of the dancers who took part in a sponsored Zumba at West End School on Saturday in aid of Slynedales CancerCare chosen by St John's church rose queen Abigail Hughes-Wilkie who was one of the dancers.
Some of the dancers who took part in a sponsored Zumba at West End School on Saturday in aid of Slynedales CancerCare chosen by St John's church rose queen Abigail Hughes-Wilkie who was one of the dancers.

Letters from this week’s Lancaster Guardian.

Desperate for one

Looks like the latest zebra/pelican crossing is finally in place on the Promenade at Morecambe. That makes 15 in around half a mile, some extremely close together. All I am sure much needed.

We also have 20 crossings in a one-mile stretch around Lancaster City Centre, again I am sure much needed. But a case of overcrowding. There must be a master plan somewhere?

Why oh why is there still no crossing on East Road or Wyresdale Road in Lancaster? Both of these roads I understand handle between 2,000 and 3,000 student crossings per day from Lancaster Royal Grammar School at all times of the day.

East Road is an extremely busy entrance to the city. Extremely hazardous to cross.

Indeed if the students were on the Endangered Species List like the great crested newt or similar a bridge or underpass would be in position, a safe crossing at the very least.

I repeat my question and request to County Highways. Give the students safe passage.

Coun Paul Woodruff


Why are we excluded?

My wife suffers from COPD, a form of emphysema. She is unable to walk more the 20 yards without rest.

She is a Blue Badge holder with a permit A which allows her (should I say me) to drive into the pedestrian area of Lancaster City Centre.

She has recently received a letter from Lancaster City Council stating that as from February 3 she will no longer be able to park in the pedestrian area.

As far as I am aware the general public of Lancaster has not been consulted and I cannot recall being asked for my opinion by the Conservative Team in Lower Lune Valley. The decision to enforce Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO) is deplorable.

My wife and I are nearing 80 years of age. We visit Lancaster City Centre at least twice a week to shop, etc. ETRO now makes this a non-starter.

A reason given for ETRO is the safety of pedestrians. In all years we have shopped in Lancaster I have never been aware of an accident involving cars/general public.

Eric Beniston

Address supplied.

Disabled will suffer

A section of the community of the city is to be discriminated against from Monday, February 3. Disabled drivers will no longer be able to access the library, museum or three of the city banks (HSBC, Lloyds and Barclays).

As a holder of a blue badge I know that I cannot walk from any of the council car parks to any of these amenities, the fact that the car parks are free is immaterial.

I am in fact being kept out of my own city.

What a welcome for any disabled visitors who might be tempted to come.

P Marshall

Address supplied.

Players in the team

I read with interest your piece on the proposed restoration of Highfield Pavilion (January 30).

I lived on Derwent Road for over 20 years from 1964-78 and remember the Pavilion well.

Bill Collinson, my Dad, was captain of Parkside B bowling team, and I used to go to watch him play bowls. Bob McGuinness (the father of Robert McGuiness who sent you the photographs), and the man in the smaller photograph, taught us both to bowl.

Players in the team were Richard and John Kelsall, and Ted France – all farmers; Jerry Briggs, George Omerod, Bob McGuiness and Jeff Winder to name a few.

The league was on a Tuesday evening, and I would go along and watch the matches.

My friend Mark Shallcross (who also lived on Derwent Road) and me would go in the Pavilion make the tea for the players. It was a fantastic old building and smelt of linseed oil which the players used on their woods.

My brothers and I also played tennis and would go home with bright orange socks from the orange gravel on the courts at the back of the Pavilion.

Regarding the larger photograph it’s of Parkside Ladies bowling team, who must have won the cup and the league that year.

It’s not from the 1950s as you suggest, but the 1970s.

Marie McGuniness (Bob’s wife and Bob’s Mother) is the second on the left.

Fifth left is Agnes Weston, and eighth left at the back is Jean Crossfield.

Seventh from the right on the back row is Louis Heaton, who was our dinner lady at Christ Church, and married to Fred Heaton, who was also a good bowler.

It was very much a community in those days, and I remember the hot summer of 1976 when we were at the club most days, playing tennis or bowls and having a great time.

It would be open till the sun set – and even though we would get bitten by the midges, we didn’t care.

I really hope that the Pavilion can be restored, and that the Freehold community once again get to use this lovely building and this great facility for the area.

Diane Howe (was Diane Collinson in those happy days in the 1970s)

Full address supplied

Good news for travellers

Good news for Halton and The Lune Valley. Following consultation with users and communities the removal of subsidies from Lancs CC will not now go ahead.

The lifeline bus services will remain in place serving Skerton, Beaumont Green, Carus Park, Halton and all stations onward to Kirkby Lonsdale and to Ingleton. The 49, 81A and 81B services plus 80 (to Ingleton).

Localism has worked, well done to all involved.

However, we all must be aware, all services will be reviewed when the individual contracts are considered for renewal.

Clearly volume of passengers will be the extremely important factor.

Like all services we need to prove their worth.

In Halton the library, chemist, doctors, public house, club, all our great shops need support whenever possible.

We have a great group of service providers.

Treasure them. We are fortunate to have so many.

Coun Paul Woodruff

Halton with Aughton

Lancaster City Council

Loss for my parents

I am most disappointed at the decision to remove parking for disabled drivers in the pedestrian zone.

My parents moved to Lancaster two months ago, and are both registered disabled with mobility problems.

The provision provided through the Permit A allowed them to go into the town centre and park right by their bank and the shops.

Now they will no longer be able to visit the town centre as they will not be able to walk from the parking spaces supplied on the perimeter to the centre.

The disabled parking which is available at present on the perimeter is sadly inadequate anyway, they are usually full, and I have not seen any evidence of more spaces being 

The measure was apparently brought into place to remove ‘a significant source of potential and perceived conflicts between vehicles and pedestrians’ (quote from the ETRO leaflet).

As far as I am aware, nobody has been run over in the town centre, and drivers are courteous to pedestrians.

Whilst I am aware that it is a pedestrian zone, this measure discriminates against disabled people in our community, and prevents them from visiting the town centre.

I would urge the council to think again about this unfair restriction.

Ginette MacDonald

Coulston Road


Keep the sheep mural

How sad about the Market Hall, perhaps the only modern building worth keeping for future citizens.

As a professional artist I am deeply concerned about the wonderful ‘sheep’ mural. I do hope this can be saved from alteration or damage.

We are so lucky to have this masterpiece.

D Airth

Hall Park