LED causes headaches

Bright street lights.
Bright street lights.

Do you live on the Marsh? Have you recently noticed a rise in light levels at night? If so it may be because of the new LED street lights along St George’s Quay. These lights are much higher and brighter than normal street lights.

I have a light sensitive health condition and these new lights are causing me real problems. When I rang street lighting at the County Council, they said they had never heard of anyone having difficulty with LED street lights.

This surprised me as I know that in other parts of the country people are fighting local councils over the introduction of these lights. If we don’t inform the council they won’t know that there are problems with the new lighting.

So if you are having trouble with new street lights – anything from eye discomfort to headaches, anxiety and sleep problems – I would urge you to contact the county council on 0300 1236 701, option one.

If you are being affected in any way by the new lights on the quay I’d be grateful if you’d contact me at eleanorlevin1@yahoo.com.

Eleanor Levin