Labour left a big mess in NHS

David Morris, Morecambe and Lunesdale MP
David Morris, Morecambe and Lunesdale MP

Copy of letter sent to County Coun Azhar Ali in response to his letter in the Lancaster Guardian on July 4 (Questions to MP on troubled Trust).

Thank you for your letter regarding the very serious failing across the NHS, particularly in Morecambe Bay NHS Trust, under the last government.

I think we are all staggered by the sheer incompetence, and indeed bloody mindedness of politicians who would rather save face than lives.

Over the coming weeks I will continue to work to expose this incompetence and call for those responsible to do the right thing.

I understand you are new to your post and as such are not up to speed on the work we have been doing to improve the NHS after 13 disastrous Labour years. They are:

* To have fired the incompetent management and bring in a new, much stronger team.

* Committed to a level of openness and transparency that was fought by the previous government.

* Opening a new same day service in Morecambe.

* Reforming the entire system to ensure that patients, not trade unions or politicians, are served.

* Opening four new wards at Royal Lancaster Infirmary.

* Writing a joint letter with the four MPs in the Trust calling for even more money for the local NHS.

* Met with the Secretary of State, Ministers of State, the management of the Trust and local doctors and nurses (the details of which I am required to keep confidential).

On the other questions you ask can I refer you to

Hansard available at or you can sign up for daily alerts about what I am doing in

Parliament on

Also have you asked other MPs for this information, and if not perhaps you can explain the background to your particular interest in my career?

Is it because I have been willing to be vocal against Andy

Burnham’s stunning incompetence as Labour Health


If this criticism and transparency offends you perhaps you can lobby your own party to stop the spin and incompetence that it is now famous for.

I am happy to meet with you after you have publicly denounced the people to blame for this mess.

David Morris MP

Morecambe and Lunesdale