Kindness at crucial time

An Alzheimer's sufferer.
An Alzheimer's sufferer.

In today’s media we hear of so many negative things and in my opinion, not enough of the positives, so I would like to tip the scales a little in the favour of goodwill, kindness and generosity.

A family member had been in a nursing care home with Alzheimer’s for 16 months and sadly passed away recently after a short spell in hospital.

The care home was Scaleford in Lancaster and the staff there were so caring, patient, understanding and friendly to us as family visitors as well as to our loved one. Nothing was too much trouble, we were always greeted with a smile and a brew and quite often biscuits too.

The home itself doesn’t have flat screen TVs in the residents’ rooms or white linen table cloths, etc, but it does have a bank of staff who are caring, enthusiastic and understanding of both Alzheimer’s and the pain and anguish the family members go through. Staff from the home attended the funeral and we feel more like they’re friends now, such was their level of care.

The staff at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary on our last visits there were equally caring, informative, patient and gentle with their care, diagnosis, interaction with us as well as our loved one, and we feel that in these times of lambasting the NHS and talk of privatisation, we must do all we can to preserve and improve the this wonderful institution. We as a country can’t afford to lose this wonderful and vital service.

We were welcomed into the ward and the private room during this sad time, nurses were attending and making sure of the patient’s comfort and medication whilst offering us brews and told us to just give them a shout if we should needed anything.

Towards the end, we visited the room in the hospital and the matron was in there just chatting with our loved one and making sure of her comfort – this was 5.30am – we were so touched by the level of care and affection which was shown by all the staff on Ward 33 during this time.

Lastly, we contacted Ascension Funerals of Garstang and the proprietors, Robert and Kathryn Caunce, were professional, calm, informative and thorough in their approach with us and carried out all we expected as well as going to the extra lengths which we didn’t expect, such as double checking the door of the house as we left for the crematorium, triple checking the music on the CD worked in the crematorium, dropping off the flowers at the house at 9pm, printing a photo of our loved one on to the service sheets – all extra things which wouldn’t immediately be thought of but were noticed in the smooth running of the funeral day.

People are good, people are great, people constantly surprise you – but we only hear the bad news.

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