Job not done to improve cyclists’ lot

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How refreshing it was to read that City Coun David Whitaker is urging our two local MPs to show some political leadership in promoting cycling.

David mentioned that Lancaster was a Cycling Demonstration Town between 2005 and 2011 – a period when central government, through Cycling England, invested in developing cycling in the district.

Today the results are there for all to see, both in terms of cycling infrastructure and, most importantly, people of all ages cycling more often.

The official verdict is that cycling lift-off has been achieved, but the investment needs to continue over a longer period if Lancaster is to achieve a cycling culture comparable with Germany and the Netherlands.

Cycling England was abolished in 2011, and since then Lancaster City and Lancashire County Councils have adopted the attitude to cycling promotion of “job done”. However, ask a local cyclist and the answer will be that it is still very much a “work in progress”.

So let’s hope Messrs Morris and Ollerenshaw answer David Whitaker’s call and attend the All Party Parliamentary Group Get Britain Cycling debate.

All the arguments for cycling – in terms of environment, congestion and health – are unanswerable, and it’s time for the political will to put them into action.

Dick Follows for Dynamo

Haverbreaks Place, Lancaster.