Hygiene ratings are good for food

Moghuls Indian restaurant.
Moghuls Indian restaurant.

We were very pleased to see the Lancaster Guardian giving the local food ratings such a high profile in the edition dates April 9 and hope that this will encourage your readers to always check out the rating before they eat out.

Working closely with local food business operators, Lancaster City Council has helped to achieve very good hygiene standards, with 95 per cent of all food businesses reaching a satisfactory standard or higher, with 90 per cent awarded the highest ratings of four or five.

However, it is important to remind readers to regularly check the ratings on the Food Standards Agency website because ratings do change from to time.

Your excellent article reported ratings as they were from the April 2 2015 and in the intervening time period the Blue Moon in Lancaster, listed as having a rated of one, has been re-inspected and now has a rating of five. This is a very good example of how the ratings system is driving up standards.

A good food rating is good for consumer confidence and good for business. We focus our attention on food businesses with a rating less than satisfactory and work with businesses to improve ratings, but for persistent non-compliance we can take enforcement action, including prosecutions.

If consumers have concerns about food hygiene in any of the food businesses in the Lancaster district, we want to know so that we can investigate and help to maintain and improve the high standards we already have in our food businesses.

Steve Sylvester

Food and safety Team Manager

Lancaster City Council.