How long will city centre works last?

Market Square in Lancaster.
Market Square in Lancaster.

The centre of Lancaster is wondrous to behold in its chaos.

For example, who on earth decided the route that buses from Morecambe now have to follow to get to the bus station?

Double decker buses have to career up narrow Lower Church Street, round the sharp corner into Cheapside, back down to another turn past the closed church, which they have just passed on the other side, and turn into the bus station the back way.

Temporarily taking down one road sign and removing a small area of road island by the church, to allow a turn there, would have avoided most of this.

However, readers will also have seen the considerable amount of time and effort (and yes money) being expended on the re-paving of most of Lancaster’s centre.

From the signs it is good to see that our friends in the EU are contributing to this work.

But I would ask whether we know if anyone is running a sweep on how long it will be before some organisation (probably one of the utilities) arrives on the scene, digs up a chunk of the nice new paving slabs, and after they have completed their work, ‘makes good’ the resultant damage by dropping in a dollop of tarmacadum and stamping it roughly smooth, rather than properly replacing the paving (some of which will have been destroyed anyway).

The result of a few times when this has happened in the past, is that nicely paved pedestrianised areas become a rough patchwork quilted mess of tarmacadum and broken paving slabs.

There seems to be little or no supervision of such work when it is carried out, and the quality of work done by the culprits to remedy damage is frequently quite poor. Quite soon money spent on paving becomes wasted.

Actually I have heard that a sweep is unnecessary as someone may already have already dug up some of the slabs, quickly spoiling some of the work done.

M R Williamson

Repton Avenue