Highlighting the issue of turbine

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Coun Paul Woodruff is right (Wind turbines are a scourge, May 30), wind turbines are proliferating and I am not alone in my ‘tilting at windmills’.

Works on three wind turbines known as Heysham South Wind Farm have commenced and the project proper will begin towards the end of the year. This is of course inevitable as planning permission for the project was granted recently despite many robust objections on a number of very relevant grounds not least of which was their proximity to various dwellings in the area, the closest of which lying approximately 600m distant.

The development could have been refused on a number of grounds yet the authority in its wisdom chose to permit the development (probably because the area had been earmarked by them for such a purpose) against the wishes of the local residents who registered 28 letters of objection compared to 12 in favour (several of whom do not live within sight of the machines and some with a financial interest in them). Democracy in action. All the documents relating to this are available on the city council web site for those with the tenacity to ferret them out.

In their report to the committee the planning officers remarked that my house, which is 900 metres from the closest turbine, has the benefit of tree screening and that the development is not overbearing. From other properties they are described as “seen in context with the clutter of existing infrastructure” – pylons, etc – which they have also allowed to be built. Some properties are described as having views in other directions. Nothing is visually intrusive to those who look the other way.

The turbines are planned to be 125m (410ft) high, twice the height of Heysham Power Station and only slightly less than that of Blackpool Tower, with the additional feature of a very large revolving rotor. If this is judged not to be overbearing then perhaps the spatial perception of those making the judgement and those acting upon it is flawed, hide Blackpool Tower behind some 20ft high trees? I think not. NIMBY? Of course I am, I should like to be allowed to have a tidy back yard clear of junk and so should everyone.

Colin McDermid

Wymber Hill Cottage