Head in the sand

Lancaster Fire Station.
Lancaster Fire Station.

I read with interest your coverage of David Morris’ campaign to fight cuts to local fire and rescue services.

Instead of complaining about the actions forced upon Lancashire Fire Authority maybe he should be seeking to lay the blame closer to home.

On top of substantial savings over the last four years his Government has asked for a further £10m cut from Lancashire fire fighters, cuts that he voted for.

Given the local MP’s concern one would think he would have made representations to Lancashire Fire Authority during the consultation period, of course he failed to do so.

This man fails see the connection between what he votes for in Parliament and what happens in his own constituency in the same way that US Republicans fail to see the connection between guns and gun crime.

I understand he wants to build some fantasy tunnel under Morecambe Bay, he has clearly attempted to start the digging early by sticking his head in the sand.

Darren Clifford

Norton Road



Armed Forces and Veterans Champion

Labour Group Secretary

County Counc for Morecambe South (Westgate and Torrisholme).