Guardian Comment: Duchy treads carefully with castle

Lancaster Castle.
Lancaster Castle.

It’s hardly surprising that the Duchy of Lancaster has decided to tread carefully over any major development of Lancaster Castle.

As Chris Adcock, the Duchy’s chief finance officer said, the castle has been here for 1,000 years and it wouldn’t do to rush anything now.

A £3m investment into the castle’s dilapidated roof is probably enough to be going on with at the moment, but the anticipation, for many, must be unbearable.

What the Duchy is now focusing on is getting visitors up the cobbles to experience what the castle has to offer currently.

An interesting point is that it wants to hear from anyone with an idea that could complement what is there now. An artist has already taken up residence in a room next to the “witches dungeon”, and the space already feels better for it.

Could there be others out there with a commercial idea that would give the castle’s large courtyard a further boost of life, while unlocking new sections of space around it?

A new innovation park that could create up to 2,000 jobs is an exciting prospect for the district, and will no doubt feature in any future housing need assessment.

The jobs will be welcome, as will the new innovations that come from such a unique and important project.