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Church Brow in Halton.
Church Brow in Halton.

Last week we reported how villagers in Halton were calling for immediate action at an accident hotspot following a head on smash just days after the road was re-opened after M6 link Road builders Costain installed a new bridge over the road.

Lynn Malkin, from the Red Door Cafe in Church Brow, saw her views echoed by Councillor Paul Woodruff.

You were also in agreement on our Facebook page.

I’d agree with Councillor Woodruff.

We definitely need to explore road calming measures prior to the new link road opening.

Also to encourage traffic to go along the main Caton Road rather than cutting across the Crook O’Lune and through the village.

Paul Hartley

All the way up the high road with a crossing as well please, should have been a condition of the Halton link to the link road.

Simon Baines

In Morecambe this week the big story was the possible demolition of the controversial Polo Tower with some rather worrying 
noises having been heard coming from the structure that looms over the 

It should have gone with the rest of the rides when Frontierland closed down.

The whole desolate area would make a fabulous park!

Helen Waner

Get rid of the eyesore

Robyn Gourlay (one of many on a similar theme)

The Council should make Morrisons tidy up this whole area, take the hoardings down and make it into a grassed area until a more permanent plan is agreed.

Get rid of this eyesore over the winter so that visitors and residents alike get something better in 2015.

Morecambe Carnival