Danger on footpaths

Cycle path signs.
Cycle path signs.

In response to your article on allowing cyclists to use the pedestrian zone in Lancaster (May 29), I think that will be great as long as they dismount and walk like every one else.

The city centre will become as bad as the river side path and the canal towpath where many cyclists have very little regard for anyone using the paths on foot.

When cyclists were first allowed to use the canal towpath they were requested to have a permit and a bell. Many of the cyclists don’t have bells and behave as though the paths are theirs and theirs alone, hard luck to anyone in the way.

If a cyclists comes up behind you at speed you have no idea they are there. Especially the elderly who might be hard of hearing. It is not only one or two who behave like this but on counting cyclists at different times I would say only about half of them are sensible about their behaviour.

The pedestrianised zone in the city is not much wider than the river path and much busier with pedestrians. I can only see it leading to trouble if it is allowed to go ahead.

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