Danger for new homes

Moor Platt at Caton where were felled.
Moor Platt at Caton where were felled.

Whilst trying to secure a more competitive quote for property insurance my local agent informed me that a property I own on the A683 in the village of Caton is now in a designated high risk flood area.

Having double checked this revelation with the underwriters I was told this well known insurance company would be unable to provide cover at any cost.

Designated by whom I ask?

Did local planners consider this issue before allowing the adjacent Moor Platt housing development?

If so perhaps it was a condition to allow consent for the removal of so many trees so they may be used in the construction of an ark.

As far as my current insurers are concerned “the renewal cheque is in the post”.

John Clarkson

Forgewood Drive