Costs deter the visitors

Winter Gardens car park.
Winter Gardens car park.

I read and agree with your article about the way our high street shops are disappearing.

It would be good if the rates were reviewed, but there is one common factor in most of the high streets throughout England. The cost of parking. It drives customers away.

I have brought up the subject with my local councillor but have been told free parking is not an option the council will consider.

I tried to visit the post office and library in Morecambe and I was not willing to pay for such a short visit. There were no on-street spaces to park so my wife dropped me off and did a couple of laps round the block and picked me up again.

Total time 15 minutes and back home.

If there had been some free parking I would have visited other shops.

Why can’t the powers that be get their heads out of the sand and realise if you give an element of free parking it would start the ball rolling to put life back into the high street? I have visited cities round Britain and other parts of the world and almost every city/town welcomes visitors. Free limited parking and in a lot of places free wi-fi.

Come on Morecambe (and Lancaster) wake up.

Ian Fagan

Seathwaite Avenue