Concern over nuclear safety

Heysham 1 Power Station
Heysham 1 Power Station

I have been reading your article on nuclear energy and in particular a possible new lease of life for Heysham.

I have, like Mo Kelly, expressed concern personally about the health aspects of two power stations based so close to the centres of population having worked in the power industry and having discussed with a leading scientist some years ago the dangers of MFE (magnetic field exposure) in operations close to where people live.

I noticed in a national newspaper online an article where they quote “Cancer rates are five times higher near power station” according to Dr Chris Busby, who compiled a study with the help of residents in Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset, who were worried about the health risks from the Hinkley Point power station in Burnham-on-Sea, just a few miles from their town.

Before decisions are made about the future of Heysham Power Stations 1 and 2 and any proposed new power station is sanctioned, perhaps we should as a community research the pros and cons of magnetic field exposure and cancer risks for residents of the Morecambe and Heysham area.

While providing necessary jobs, we must consider too the implications of having a prolonged nuclear energy facility in the area and remembering that power stations do need a considerable time element for decommissioning when a decision to close is made.

Sylvia Denton

Heysham Road