Community will remain united

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In January this year we stood in the Peace Gardens in Lancaster on Holocaust Memorial Day to remember the millions murdered by the Nazis.

We gathered as a community – Jews, Christians, Muslims; trade unionists; gays, lesbians and transgendered people; members of the traveller community; disabled people; young and old; black and white – united against fascism and racism, and we pledged that we would ensure such an atrocity would never happen again.

On Sunday, June 2, many of us gathered there again to oppose the EDL who are seeking to exploit the tragic death of Drummer Lee Rigby for their own ends. The EDL had no right to bring their hate filled protest to Lancaster. They are opposed by the family of Lee Rigby, by Help for Heroes, and the British Army has labelled them as far right wing extremists.

Up and down the country last weekend the EDL have attempted to whip up hatred and division. They have been met by communities united both in memory of Lee Rigby and in opposition to racism.

We will not allow the EDL to attempt to divide our communities. Together we will stand against them whenever and wherever they appear. We renew our pledge – Never Again to Racism and Fascism. We are the community. We are united.

Eugene Doherty

President Lancaster Trades Union Council

Sam Ud-din

President Lancaster and Morecambe National Union of Teachers

Gina Dowding

Lancashire County Coun, Green Party

David Whitaker

City Coun Harbour ward, Labour Party

Annie Frances

Out in the Bay

Ste Smith

President Lancaster University Students Union

Lancaster Unite Against Fascism and many others.