City traffic problems get you all talking

North Road, Lancaster.
North Road, Lancaster.

Traffic, traffic, traffic.

And I don’t just mean to our websites and social media sites as you’ve flocked in your droves to see how the final phase of United Utilities’ sewer work is affecting your car journeys in and around the city.

On our front page last week we reported that emotions were at ‘Boiling Point’ and your feedback online was overwhelming as you took to our website as well as Facebook and Twitter to let us know what you thought about the biggest issue in the city at the moment. On Facebook you said:

Mark Walker, speaking on Friday: “It has taken its toll on the afternoon buses for the first time since Monday.

“Currently pulling out of the bus station on a 4.55pm bus that is now 30 minutes late.”

Michael Chucky Pettifar: “At least its the last phase nearly over!”

Emma Jane Mills: “Why they didn’t do it during the summer holidays is beyond me...”

Ali Standeven: “Took me 1.5 hours (to get to work) and now have to set off at 7.45!!!”

Natalie Kim Vranjes: “Total chaos. This has inconvenienced a lot of people that work in Lancaster and are struggling to get though because of the sewer works that’s going on around Lancaster at the moment.

“It’s bad enough with the new link road works going on aswell that doesn’t help either so I be glad when these are over and done with.”

The problem appears to be changing from day-to-day with yesterday, Wednesday, providing one of the slower journeys for commuters, especially heading into Lancaster from Morecambe.

James Palmer (@jdpjamesp) tweeted: “@GuardianDigital Very glad to have made the decision to leave early this morning. It’s a joke.”

Nicole Cobb (@littlelegogirl) tweeted: “@GuardianDigital waited 40 minutes for a bus, making my daughter late for school *grumble grumble”

Babs McInnis (@BabsMcInnis) believes the problem could have been solved long ago, she said: “@GuardianDigital Should have built the Western by-pass.”

Some however thought we should be realistic about the current situation in the city centre and put up with the current problems for the greater good.

Georgie H (@GeorgieHullah) said: “@GuardianDigital shocked at the sheer amount of negativity.

“The work has to be done so why not promote some positivity????????”