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Ballot box.
Ballot box.

I quote: “Even the tiny English Democrats got launch coverage with 31 candidates while TUSC with over 560 got only a couple of minutes of a BBC2 interview with its chair Dave Nellist on Daily Politics. Totally unjust in our opinion, though not unexpected.” (Need for an alternative, June 12.)

With regard to the above comment it is interesting to see the apparent ignorance of someone like Steve Metcalfe who stated that he is the Local By-election Trade Union and Socialist Coalition Candidate for Scotforth West and the RMT Lancaster District Branch Secretary and also the RMT Assistant Secretary for their North West “Region”. Either Mr Metcalfe does not understand the media rules covering elections, which he should do in his position, or he is wilfully trying to mislead your readers.

The English Democrats, with a significantly larger membership that his micro party (which is only kept going by RMT funding), did not get a local election launch because we, just like his party, hadn’t got over 1/6th of the local election seats covered.

We did, however, qualify for minimal BBC coverage and a party election broadcast on the BBC and ITV only because we stood a full slate of candidates across all of England in the EU election.

If complaints about unfairness are being aired, what about our fellow nationalist party, Plaid Cymru, getting several party election broadcasts over the whole of Great Britain on BBC, ITV, Channels 4 and 5 despite standing only in Wales and getting less than half the votes than our 279,801 in 2009? Go figure.

Robin Tilbrook


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