Big debate on future

Lancaster Town Hall.
Lancaster Town Hall.

Regarding the press release issued recently by Mark Davies at Lancaster City Council about further consultation, there are a number of people all over Lancaster discussing this topic.

The main issues being debated are:

1 Why does the market need to change at all?

2 What is the hidden agenda?

The article hints that it’s something to do with the recent improvements/resurfacing works.

However, most traders have resumed trading in their allocated pitches or pitches nearby so this doesn’t seem to be the case as space is not an issue.

The pitches used by traders are those allocated to them by the council via the market authorities.

Those pitches have been the same for the past 11 years, during which time no problems have been highlighted.

Market traders, businesses, shops, shoppers, emergency vehicles, street cafes and street cleansing have all worked together very well.

In response to the three priorities in the press release:

1 This statement suggests that the traders have some power. If only. The locations that best suit the traders are the pitches that have been allocated to them by the council. The only choice that a trader has is whether or not to accept an unoccupied pitch.

2 Is this something new? Was inviting the market to stand in its current position not actively managing and developing the city centre?

3 We traders are proud of the enormous pull such a large and varied market provides. We are committed to continuing to give this service to our community. We all try to achieve high standards because we know that you, our customers, would vote with your feet if it was not what you wanted.

We hope that you will support us in our endeavours and will let the council know how you feel about making unnecessary changes.

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Alison Humphreys

Lancaster market trader.