Better uses for our scarce tax money

View of M6 Junction 34. Re Link Road. Stock Pic. Heysham Bypass.
View of M6 Junction 34. Re Link Road. Stock Pic. Heysham Bypass.
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While the legal challenge to the proposed M6 link road highlights the shocking legal flaws in the whole government approval process – more than this it demonstrates the steady and sustained opposition of masses of ordinary local people to covering of our countryside by tarmaccadem.

We all know how scare resources are at the moment. Cut backs in public services and in household incomes. Food banks keeping families fed.

Why is such a colossal waste of our taxpayers’ money being spent on such a damaging project?

Perhaps the Guardian could run a competition to find the best alternative uses of this enormous amount of our cash? One of the main arguments is that the road will somehow bring economic growth to Morecambe. Given the state of the local, national and European economy – this will take more than a road.

It may well be that the days of economic growth are gone – along with a financial system that works – and that we now need to create a more localised economy that is resilient and sustainable in the long term.

Local jobs for local people in local businesses that create and maintain wealth here.

Very different to a few short lived construction jobs.

I can imagine the primary school children of today in 20 years time looking at this expanse of road and wondering what on earth possessed us to allow such a waste.

In 20 years time petrol will likely be so expensive there may be no vehicles on it – this is a complete white elephant.

What else can we build with that money when the illegal scheme gets thrown out?

Sam Moisha


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