Bench at Jubilee Tower

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I WOULD like to express an opinion concerning your recent article regarding the removal of Mr Hanson’s bench at Jubilee Tower (Callous thieves target memorial, April 28).

As a local resident, keen cyclist and environmentalist I have to say that, with all due respect to Mr Hanson, I am very glad that the bench has gone.

I cycle the Trough road often three times a week for the fabulous safe cycling, challenging hills and fantastic scenery.

Part of the enjoyment of Bowland is also its old world charm, we Lancastrians are very lucky to have this resource on our doorstep.

I regularly stop and sit on the existing weathered wooden bench seat that sits by the Tower. This old bench blends aesthetically with the environment and is parallel to the old road, as has been providing lovely views of Morecambe Bay and the Lake District for walkers and cyclists for many years.

The new bench appeared suddenly and without consultation as far as I am aware, placed thoughtlessly at an oblique angle to the old bench and to the road.

If you were to sit on the old bench, anyone sat on the new bench had their backs unsociably turned to you and they would be blocking the view of the Lakes. In addition the new bench was an unfittingly tacky plastic thing.

Over the past couple of years many people I know and have met who love the fells have commented how crude and unfitting the placement of this plastic monstrosity was in such a beautiful and historic place.

I note that you present the article as ‘bench stolen’. I very firmly suspect that it has in actual fact been removed by caring people and disposed of. Let’s hope it does not reappear.

Paul Fouracre

Address supplied.