Back our hospice and high school

St John's Hospice.'Health care assistant Roni De Rosier with Herbert Uberschar and Gordon Buck.
St John's Hospice.'Health care assistant Roni De Rosier with Herbert Uberschar and Gordon Buck.

St John’s Hospice is very small. It caters for only a few patients at a time. It is very expensive to run.

Some might argue that to save money it should be closed. The patients being treated there could easily be transferred to other hospitals in Kendal, in Lancaster itself, in Blackpool or Preston.

Such a suggestion would be outrageous.

Such a suggestion would quite rightly have the people of Lancaster up in arms, absolutely determined not to lose such a wonderful institution which provides a level of care that cannot be bettered by any hospital in Lancashire.

Like the hospice, Skerton is very small; like the hospice, it is expensive to run; like the hospice, it provides a level of nurture and support that cannot be bettered by any school in Lancashire.

Mr Matthew Tomlinson proposes to close this school as it would save the local authority some money.

He seems to think that it would be quite easy to disperse vulnerable children amongst other secondary schools in Lancaster.

Children with a statement of special educational needs would not even have a choice as to which school they would join. Children who had been bullied at one school might find themselves having to return there to face a very frightening future.

The children would be confused and upset, just as patients forced to leave St John’s Hospice and become part of a much bigger hospital would be alarmed and distressed.

Both the hospice and Skerton must survive.

I fully support the Lancaster Guardian’s campaign to save the hospice and like many people in the city I will give as much money as I can whenever I 

I also am extremely grateful for the support that the paper has given and continues to give to our local community high school.

Through these two campaigns you are helping to bring the people of Lancaster together to fight for something they really cherish.

You and your colleagues should feel very proud today.

Paul A Clark

Goodwood Road

Hala Carr