Yobs hunt ducks to feed their ferrets

FOUR boys told off by a walker for throwing stones at ducklings on Lancaster Canal claimed they were trying to kill the birds – to feed to their pet ferrets.

And when Tracey MacBride, 47, told them to stop, they hurled abuse at her, before one of them turned to his friend and said, “Give me the catapult, I’ve had enough of her.”

Ms MacBride, who lives in Lancaster, told how she encountered the yobs, who were aged between around 11 and 13, on an afternoon stroll with a friend along the canal in the Beaumont area of the city at around 3pm on Sunday June 26.

She said one of them was paddling a canoe through the ducks in an attempt to separate the distressed mother from her five babies.

One of the others then hurled a stone in the direction of the ducklings and another had a catapult.

“We weren’t sure if it was intentional at first but then we saw them throw another stone straight at the ducklings.

“I shouted at them but they said it was none of my business and they were really abusive, it was horrible.

“I said ‘why are you doing that, it’s really cruel’, and one of them said they were trying to kill the ducklings to feed to their ferrets.

“I told them I was not going anywhere – I couldn’t walk away and let them carry on.”

See the Lancaster Guardian (07-07-11) for full story.