Writer to visit school to save gorillas

A gorilla from the Congo. Tim Ireland/PA Wire
A gorilla from the Congo. Tim Ireland/PA Wire

An author will tell Lancaster schoolchildren how our mobile phone habits are killing gorillas in the wild.

Award-winning writer and environmentalist Gill Lewis will visit Ripley St Thomas school to explain how primates in Africa could be extinct by 2050.

The author of new book ‘Gorilla Dawn’ will talk about how mining for minerals to use in the manufacture of mobile phones is destroying rainforests in the Democratic Republic of Congo, home to the world’s last eastern lowlands gorillas.

Gill will be at Ripley on September 22 as part of a nationwide campaign to ask people to recycle mobile phones which will reduce the demand for the Coltan minerals. “In an increasingly technological age, we are stuck in a cycle of renewing devices every couple of years,” said Gill.

Gorilla Dawn tells the story of a young girl abducted from her village home and the son of a wildlife ranger who are imprisoned by a group of rebel soldiers deep in the heart of the African rainforest. The rebels are mining Coltan to sell to Western companies using falsified documents. When they capture a baby gorilla, intending to sell him into captivity, the children vow to return him to his family.