Wrexham to Morecambe bike ride helps raise funds for West End community project

Paul Heppell.Paul Heppell.
Paul Heppell.
A former Morecambe man spent a day cycling from Wrexham to his home town at the weekend to help a community project.

Paul Heppell aimed to raise funds to support The Exchange in Morecambe’s West End by undertaking the bike ride in 10 hours.

The community group is trying to raise urgent funds to save its home at the former Trinity Methodist Church after being given notice to vacate the building before it is put up for auction next month.

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Paul is an artist who is also co-director of Un Deg Un (Welsh for Number 11), a community project in Wrexham similar to Morecambe’s Exchange.

Paul Heppell after arriving in Morecambe from Wrexham.Paul Heppell after arriving in Morecambe from Wrexham.
Paul Heppell after arriving in Morecambe from Wrexham.

The 43-year-old decided to do the bike ride to show his support for his home town.

“I wanted to do a show of support between two like-minded organisations and raise money for the crowdfunding,” he said.

Paul set off early on Sunday morning, and was welcomed to The Exchange later that day.

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“I am keen to raise a bit of awareness because of the work I do,” he said.

“Our project in Wrexham is very similar and has been running now for five years and has got established studios and affordable space.

“There are a lot of similarities between the two.”

Paul is originally from Morecambe, leaving the town in 2010 to move to Spain, before a short time back before he then moved to Wrexham to undertake a degree.

“I come back every year to try to give something back,” he said. “That’s how I heard about The Exchange.

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“I’ve just taken over as a co-director at Un Deg Un so I know what it’s like, and I am just trying to help out a little bit.”

To find out more about the Steeple for the People campaign, go to https://www.theexchangecic.co.uk/