Woman slams RSPCA for lack of response

AN angry dog lover has complained she was “fobbed off” by the RSPCA after reporting concerns for the welfare of dogs being kept in a barn – a year before the charity and police seized the animals last week.

The raid at the barn off Ashton Road on Monday July 11, saw 37 pedigree dogs including lurchers, pugs and cocker spaniels seized and placed in RSPCA care.

A spokeswoman said people had contacted the organisation to raise concerns.

But Lynn Malloy said she contacted the RSPCA a year ago about the site when she lived nearby on Haverbreaks.

Mrs Malloy, who has since moved to Overton, said: “I was really upset at the time because they would not have anything to do with me and told me I had to report it to the council as a noise nuisance.

“I said I could hear dogs barking and howling all the time and although I could not pin-point where it was they told me they knew of it.

“But you would have thought they would have gone and checked it out.

“You don’t expect to hear about action being taken a year later. I was stunned.”

See the Lancaster Guardian (21-07-11) for full story.