Woman hurt after trip on uneven kerb

A trip over a kerb wouldn't have happened if it had been fixed, claim a Morecambe couple.

Tuesday, 27th September 2016, 3:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 4th October 2016, 1:30 pm
Elizabeth Taylor from Morecambe who tripped on a pavement near her house and fell headlong into a lamppost. Elizabeth and her husband Donald have been trying to alert the highways department about the kerb for a year but nothing has been done.

Donald and Elizabeth Taylor, of WestoverStreet in Morecambe, say an incident when Elizabeth tripped on an uneven kerb, causing her to fall headfirst into a lamppost, could have been avoided if their complaints to fix the slab had been heeded.

Donald said: “Elizabeth went to pick some luggage up at a friend’s house and came back over and tripped on the kerb, going headfirst into a lamppost. She hit her head and her knee, which is still swollen.

“I rang the ambulance and other people came to help. Over a year I had been ringing about the path and nobody ever came.I’d like to thank the residents that did help my wife because it shows you there are good people about.”

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Dan Chalmers, Lancashire County Council highways manager for Lancaster, said: “We received a report about uneven flagstones from Mr Taylor in October 2015 and carried out an inspection, however this did not find that any flags that needed repairing.

“We have re-laid some of the flagstones in this area to ensure they are more even and try to prevent hazards .”