Woman abused after her death

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A nursing home manager who forced a set of dentures into a dead woman’s mouth has been struck off.

Christina Peacock also ignored an elderly resident’scries of pain when she rammed a catheter into his private parts, the Nursing and Midwifery Council heard.

Peacock is said to have forced another resident, who suffered from schizophrenia and depression, to give a blood sample – dismissing his protests and having him restrained.

The catalogue of incidents occurred while Peacock was running the Moorside Hall home in Lancaster during 
July of 2011.

Resident D was a frail, elderly woman who was unable to communicate with staff at the home and had been 
bed-bound for the previous four days. Louise Francis, a carer who discovered Resident D’s dead body, said: “If you didn’t abide by what Christina said, you would be told ‘well, put on your coat and go on’.”

Ms Francis could not remember if a GP had been called to confirm the death of Resident D on 6 July 2011.

But she did remember Peacock smearing Fixident, a substance used to attach dentures, over the deceased woman’s face.

“It was in her mouth and it was on her face,” Ms Francis said.

Peacock told Ms Francis to ‘get them teeth in’, it was said.

Earlier, Peacock had attempted to force-feed the vulnerable woman, who was unable to swallow, the panel heard.

She is also said to have asked a colleague to carry a cordless phone so Peacock could instruct her remotely during a re-catheterisation procedure.

When Peacock eventually arrived at the home to catheterise the man, she ‘rammed’ the catheter up resident B’s penis.

Ms 1, a senior nurse, told the panel that resident B was ‘screaming and gripping the hand of Mr 2 (a carer) so hard that he drew blood.’

It was said it took an hour to calm the patient, who was passing blood in his urine after the incident.

NMC panel chairman Philip Jewell said: “All of the facts found proved either caused actual harm to residents or put residents at serious risk of harm.

“The panel took into account the vulnerability of the residents who were being cared for in the home: they were elderly, frail and some of whom suffered from mental illness and dementia.

“The panel considered that Miss Peacock’s actions demonstrated an almost total lack of basic nursing care and a total lack of empathy or compassion for the residents.”

Peacock was also found guilty of failing to ensure the back door of the home was locked, allowing a resident to escape. At the time, she blamed another patient for the oversight.

Mr Jewell said: “The panel considered that there is evidence of harmful attitudinal problems. The panel has not been satisfied that Miss Peacock has shown any insight, and the panel have found that there is a real risk of repetition of her actions.

“Miss Peacock’s misconduct was extremely serious and a significant departure from the standards expected of a registered nurse.”

Peacock, who did not attend the hearing in central London, indicated that she denied the charges before the hearing began.

All allegations made against her were found to be proved.

She was struck off the nursing register and will not be able to apply to be reinstated for five years.