Wildlife shows two faces of hometown

The Lovely Eggs
The Lovely Eggs

Lancaster’s The Lovely Eggs have a new album out this month.

Stonewell Tavern: French Connection jazz session (3pm), Chas Ambler and Co (evening)

Robert Gillow: Boogie Bill’s Piano Bar (5pm), Folk session (evening)

Gregson Centre: Acoustic folk session

Yorkshire House: Project Unicorn, Bloodyard, Fighting Keegans, Illusion Of Innocence


Robert Gillow: Sue Parish Piano Lounge (5pm),

Stonewell Tavern: The Convulsions

1725: Eddy Hill

Smokey O’Connors, Morecambe: The Feud

The Dukes Cafe: Eddy Hill


Stonewell Tavern: Chas at the piano (3pm), Charlie White Project (evening)

Robert Gillow: Jazz Café with Bill Wilding and friends (3pm)

1725: Daniel Ray

Yorkshire House: Dirt Box Disco, Eastfield, The Kirkz, Vincent And The One Potts.

Golden Lion: Howard Haigh and Lava Trio

The Centre@Halton: A Second Too Soon, Anthony Battersby, Brendan Cleary Band, The Charm, Blaze


The Robert Gillow: The Sun Street Stompers (12pm), Jazz Cafe (3pm), Acoustic Blues Session (5pm), Sue goes pop! (evening)

The Golden Lion: Folk session


John O’ Gaunt: Jazz Unlimited


The Pub: Open Mic Night

Golden Lion: Open Mic Night

Robert Gillow: Men of the Hour


Stonewell Tavern: Open Mic Night

Robert Gillow: Open mic night

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