Widow’s tribute to cyclist who enjoyed life

Mabel Clark and her husband Alexander William Clark in their garden.
Mabel Clark and her husband Alexander William Clark in their garden.

A widow has paid tribute to her husband who “enjoyed life” and was a keen cyclist, gardener and golfer.

Mabel Clark has been remebering her husband, Alexander William Clark, who died after falling off his bicycle on Friday March 6.

The Bolton-le-Sands postman of 30 years and ex-police officer had several passions in life.

Mabel, 88, met Alexander whilst he was in the police force and they celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary last February.

Mrs Clark said: “He was well liked in the area, we went on several walks in the Lake District, he was very fond of the lakes.

“He liked visiting the country and enjoyed meeting new people.

“The staff at the post office were very good to him.”

Mr Clark, a keen golfer, played the sport for 39 years.

Mabel explains she could never pick up his beloved hobby.

She said: “He used to play golf three times a week, I was never good, he tried to teach me, no use.”

The couple have lived in Bolton-le-Sands for 40 years after moving from Kendal.

Mabel said: “He got fed up of the police force and went into engineering, then he got fed up of that and decided to go to the post office in Bolton-le-Sands, he loved it there.

“He enjoyed life and his cycling, he had been riding since he was a little boy.

“He just cycled for the fun of it, when he was young he won quite a lot of trophies.”

Mabel often found her husband in the garden during the summer months.

She said: “We have got a beautiful garden, he was a great gardener.

“I didn’t hardly see him when I went out the door to find him.”

Mr Clark died aged 87 in a cycling accident near the Royal Hotel Pub in Bolton-le-Sands.

Mr Clark’s funeral will take place on March 25 at 4.15pm at Lancaster and Morecambe Crematorium.