Why British Red Cross is big part of Elizabeth’s life

Elizabeth Hough at the Lake Vyrnwy Half Marathon last year for the charity, MIND.
Elizabeth Hough at the Lake Vyrnwy Half Marathon last year for the charity, MIND.

Ever since she was a little girl Elizabeth Hough has been a passionate fundraiser for charities close to her heart.

The 32-year-old has raised thousands for the British Red Cross and other charities over the years and has taken part in many challenges, including Total Warrior and The Great North Run.

Now Liz is preparing for her biggest challenge yet with two marathons in Paris and London in April and an 8 hour ‘spinathon’ this Sunday.

The spinathon challenge will involve hourly workouts on the 39 bicycles at 3-1-5 gym, on Caton Road, Lancaster.

Charity has been a part of Liz’s life since she first became a member of the Red Cross when she was just 6 years-old.

She often helped her mum, Ann Hough in the local charity shop and assisted at the local care home.

She said: “The awful things you see from such a young age started me thinking of what we can do to give back.

“I absolutely loved it at the care home. One lady she was in a wheelchair and she used to talk to me through this computer it was very touching.”

As well as wanting to help others Liz also had to be strong for her brother, James, who has autism.

She said: “I have always been quite a passionate person it stemmed from seeing the world from my brother’s perspective.

“It made me look at the world differently, so I had that awareness from when I was very young, I had to take the lead.”

Whilst out in Japan Liz experienced first hand the work the Red cross deliver on a daily basis to those in crisis.

She spent six months in Tokyo working in a Japanese Red Cross Hospital which changed her outlook on life and kick-started her fundraising frenzy for a charity that provides emergency relief throughout the world.

Liz said: “It makes you quite humble, it is a humbling experience.

“Seeing what is out there is very harrowing, we just take so much for granted.”

Liz is hoping the 8 hour spinathon for the British Red Cross on February 8 will help raise money towards her £2,750 target.

The spinathon will take place between 10am-6pm.