Wheelchair users make light work of military course to raise charity cash

Above: Shaun Gash (left) and Andrew Hartley at the finishing line.
Above: Shaun Gash (left) and Andrew Hartley at the finishing line.

Two wheelchair users have raised £1,500 for charity by completing an arduous military obstacle course with the help of a 30-strong support team.

Wheelchair users Shaun Gash and Andrew Hartley will donate the money to Lancaster Bulldogs wheelchair basketball team and Unique Kidz and Co after finishing the 12k Born Survivor event, held at Lowther Park near Penrith, in five hours.

They were helped along the way by 30 fellow users of VVV gym, who used ropes and their own sheer strength to get the pair around the course.

One of the runners supporting the two men, supply teacher Wendie Rosling from Bolton-le-Sands, said it was an inspirational day.

She said: “I am 42 and not in any way super fit; we were all just ordinary people who just wanted to support them.

“I didn’t think about it much before we went – it was only just before we set off and people were looking at us that I wondered how we would get around the course.

“The wheelchairs were specially adapted and we used haulage ropes to pull them.

“They crawled through tunnels and under barbed wire and swam across rivers and we pulled them up a 12ft high wall and across the course.

“It was knee deep in mud and pulling them in their chairs was the most challenging part.

“They had to totally trust us. It was absoluting humbling and inspirational.

“It took us five hours and by the end there were spectators we didn’t know who were cheering us on.

“I was so glad to be a part of the team. Everyone was working for a common goal; it was inspiring.”