Wheelchair rugby: Paralympic athlete to represent country in inaugral competition in Leicester

Morecambe Paralympic athlete Stuart Robinson has been selected to represent Team GB in the inaugural King Power Quad Nations Tournament.

Former serviceman Stuart was serving with the RAF Regiment and whilst on his fourth tour of Afghanistan, was injured by an explosion.

Stuart Robinson.

Stuart Robinson.

Originally introduced to the sport in 2014, Stuart has already tasted wheelchair rugby success at the Invictus Games in 2016, winning a bronze medal and was selected for the Paralympic Inspiration Programme in 2016, attending the Rio Paralympic games.

In 2017 he was again part of the Invictus team and was part of the team who were successful at retaining their title at the 2017 European championships.

The inaugural King Power Quad Nations brings together Paralympic gold, silver and bronze winning medallists from Australia, Japan, the USA and Great Britain for a sporting event filled with thrills, spills, endless energy and extreme action.

One of the only full-contact disability sports, wheelchair rugby (originally called murderball) is played by two teams of four who aim to score by carrying the ball across the opposing team’s try line.

Wheelchair rugby was first recognised as a full medal sport at the 2000 Paralympic Games in Sydney, Australia and has since been an integral part of the Paralympic and Invictus Games.

Stuart said: ‘I am proud to have been selected for the Quad Nations squad and I am really looking forward to playing the best athletes in the world.

“It seems a long time since we won the Europeans last year but this competition is a step up again and we will have to be at the top of our game if we are to win”.

Taking place from March 9-11 at the Leicester Arena, the King Power Quad Nations is an international tournament that will feature the world’s best players from the four top nations.

As reigning European champions, Great Britain will be looking to capitalise on home court advantage, tickets start at just £5 with special offers available for groups and families. Tickets are available from www.wrquadnations.com along with a full match schedule.