“We’ll never forget Eliza”

A couple lost their premature twin baby only days after she was born when she developed a rare bowel condition.

Kelvin Gifford’s partner Claire Catlow gave birth to Eliza and Primrose on August 29.

Eliza developed necrotising enterocolitis which affected her bowel and within 12 hours she passed away.

They now want to raise awareness of the condition.

Kelvin said: “It’s difficult. We’ve still got Primrose here and it is a blessing she survived.

“The staff at the neonatal unit were amazing and they came to Eliza’s funeral.

“It’s unique for a baby to die from NEC and it really touched everyone.”

Since Eliza’s death, Kelvin set up a link to the Action website for research into NEC and so far they have raised £1,200.

Kelvin wrote to Doctor Andrew Ewer, a consultant neonatologist at Birmingham Womens Hospital, following Eliza’s death for reassurance that more research would be done into NEC.

The couple from Laureston Avenue, Heysham, were allowed to bring Primrose home on October 21 and apart from a spell in hospital before Christmas she is in good health.

The couple also have three other children between them.

The fund is at www.action.org.uk/tribute/elizaviolet.