Water Polo: Lancaster City win final game of season with two goals in last minute

Lancaster City water polo team.
Lancaster City water polo team.

Lancaster City played out their final two games of the Men’s Super 5s water polo season with home matches against Cheltenham and Solihull last weekend, with the games being filmed live for BBC Sport.

With a full squad for Andy Wilson to call on, Lancaster started positively against Cheltenham with a superb man up play resulting in Rob Simpson finishing in style.

However, there weren’t many positives after that as Lancaster were unable to cope with the Cheltenham attack, conceding poor goals throughout with limited options when attacking the Cheltenham end.

City scored three consolation goals through captain Tom Curwen but the away side ran out 10-4 winners. It boiled down to City’s final game of the season to try and get that elusive first win.

City scored the first goal of the game through Curwen before being caught on the counter by Solihull, conceding three in the quarter.

Into the second and it was much of the same for Solihull but much better team play allowed Curwen to score two more to keep the scoreline respectable.

After a change of tactics at half time Lancaster changed into a much better defensive unit and with long range goals from Harrington and Cossutti City narrowed the deficit to 7-5 with a quarter to go.

Harrington again scored from seven metres out before Curwen scored two more, the last with 45 seconds on the clock allowing the away side one more attack which City defended to the delight of the home crowd.

Lancaster finished the league in fifth position and stay in the top division for next season.

Captain Curwen finished as the league’s top goalscorer.