War on rubbish making city look ‘dreadful’

Rubbish in Penny Street
Rubbish in Penny Street

Businesses are joining forces with the council to clamp down on fly-tipping in 
Lancaster city centre.

Recent cases of bags of rubbish being dumped in Penny Street, Church Street and Friary Street have prompted Lancaster Business District (BID), which represents businesses in the city centre, to take a stand and try to catch the culprits in action.

BID manager Liz Hickingbotham said the BID is now contributing funds for extra cleansing in the city centre, and had recently carried out a “bin audit” to look at gaps in provision, inappropriate clusters of bins and damaged bins.

She said: “Fly-tipping such as this looks dreadful and adds another burden to the city council cleansing staff working in the city.

Liz Hickingbotham, Lancaster BID manager, said: “Lancaster BID are working closely with Lancaster City Council to assess the litter provision throughout town so when I received a complaint about fly-tipping on Penny Street, we noticed that the bags matched those seen previously on Church Street.

“Lancaster City Council were very quick to respond and quickly removed the litter from Penny Street taking the rubbish back to their depot to try to identify the source.

“Since then, I came cross the same style of bags on Friary Street Friday afternoon.

“Lancaster BID Ambassadors have been notified and will be keeping an eye out for any more.”

The BID, which is funded by levies on businesses within the BID zone, recently employed an ambassador, who took to the streets in April to meet levy payers, listen to concerns and help with security issues.

Provided by Lancaster-based Castlegate Security, they have been dubbed “the eyes and ears of the BID”.

A spokeswoman for Lancaster City Council said the council is investigating the incidents of fly-tipping and will take appropriate action if officers can identify who is dumping the bags.

Mark Davies, chief officer for environmental services at the city council, said: “The two cleansing issues highlighted by BID provide positive examples of how BID and the city council are working together to improve the appearance of the city centre.

“The fact that BID has also contributed to funding additional cleansing in the city centre is also very much welcomed.

“The bin audit is timely as now we have reviewed our approach to cleansing in the city centre following the Square Routes work, we can review provision and location of litter bins in our city centre.”

Any further reports or information on fly-tipping can be logged with the city council’s customer service centre on 01524 582491, or alternatively businesses can take a photo and email bidmanager@lancasterbid.org with the date, time and location of the offence.