Wanted prisoner arrested after absconding from Royal Lancaster Infirmary

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A prisoner who police said slipped away from his escort officer at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary is back behind bars tonight.

David Osbaldeston was apprehended at around 8am in Accrington, having spent the previous 15 hours on the roof of a house, Lancashire Police said.

The force said he came down without incident and had been negotiating with officers since 5pm on Sunday.

The 20-year-old - who was nearing the end of a two and a half year jail term at Lancaster Farms - was detained on suspicion of escaping from lawful custody, making threats to kill and criminal damage.

In the early hours of Saturday (August 17) he was rushed from the young offenders’ institution to the city’s hospital having told staff he had taken an overdose.

Soon after, Osbaldeston, jailed in September 2011 for assault and motoring offences, slipped away from a prison officer who was escorting him.

But Osbaldeston, who is originally from Accrington, is now back in custody, a Lancashire Police spokesman confirmed.