Walk: Deepdale

Walk map
Walk map

Start from the car park, cross Main Street to the lane leading alongside the old school house opposite.

Keep on this as it leads up through properties to a footpath leading up the wooded valley of Flinter Gill.

This takes you up pass a camping barn to more open ground and then reaches a junction with a green lane called the Occupation Road.

Turn left and keep on it for almost four miles until you reach the road at Kingsdale.

Turn left and after 200 metres turn onto a footpath on the right its sign post directing you to Dyke Hall Lane.

This takes you through rough pasture to the grassier fields below.

At Deepdale Head take a right through the farmyard to cross a beck and then turn left.

To assist you on the next part of the route bright yellow paint has been liberally used on fence posts and rocks to make wayfinding easier.

You are led down to Mire Garth – a farm turned into holiday accommodation.

After this the yellow paint runs out alas because there comes the only real navigational demand in the whole route.

From Mire Garth keep ahead across pastures for about 500m to reach an isolated barn just before a wooded gully.

Here turn left and follow the tree lined gully for less than 100m to pick up a footpath leading across the gully and keeping roughly parallel to Deepdale Beck on the left.

The path indicated by waymark posts leads across pasture to reach a farm road in 400metres. Here ignore the waymark pointing right and turn left. The farm road leads onto Dyke Hall Lane.

15 minutes after joining the lane arrive at a junction close to a de-commissioned chapel.

Turn left, then in 300m the lane reaches Mill Bridge which crosses Deepdale Beck.

Cross the bridge and turn right onto a footpath that is part of the Dales Way.

There could be no finer way to conclude this walk than to follow the Dales Way along the banks of the River Dee round to Church Bridge.

At this bridge turn left to walk the short distance into Dent which with its cobbled streets, two pubs and ancient church comes close to being the typical English village as any in the realm.