Walk amongst the wildlife in Bowland

Brown hare in Bowland photographed by C. Camm
Brown hare in Bowland photographed by C. Camm

There’s a definite feeling of spring in the air, so what better time to go on the lookout for Bowland’s wildlife highlights?

Why not join the RSPB for the first moorland walk of the season on April 14 from Slaidburn and see how many upland birds you can spot?

If you can’t make that date there will be another chance on April 28.

Wyre Coast and Countryside Service will be heading off on a Tramper Trek from Claughton looking for lapwings and hares on the morning of April 21 and walkers too are very welcome.

If you have a pair of binoculars make sure you pack them.

Visit www.forestofbowland.com/Festival-Bowland-Events for booking details.