Village event to attract thousands

Overton village.
Overton village.

A controversial event which could attract up to 5,000 people to Overton starts this Saturday.

The Light and Life religious festival, which will be mainly attended by members of the gypsy and traveller community, will run for six days in the tiny village.

Villagers fear that Overton won’t cope with such huge numbers of people and volumes of traffic.

The festival will be legally held in a field bordering Lancaster Road, Kevin Grove and Overton St Helen’s School.

Setting up of the event, organised by the Light and Life Church, will begin on Friday, July 25.

Last year’s Light and Life event in Somerset attracted 3,000 people and 700 caravans.

Other similar festivals have pulled in 2,000 to 5,000.

Mark Davies, chief officer (environment) at Lancaster City Council, said: “The event is privately organised and is taking place on private land and the city council does not have the powers to move the venue.

“We will be monitoring the situation.”