Vigil held at station to mark nuclear disaster

Photo Ian Robinson'No More Fukushima's protest march at Heysham Power Station
Photo Ian Robinson'No More Fukushima's protest march at Heysham Power Station

More than 60 people held a vigil at Heysham Nuclear Power station to mark the third anniversary of the nuclear disaster at Fukishima.

Protestors called on EDF to publicly answer questions relating to safety of the reactors in the face of climate change, and the ongoing problem of nuclear waste storage.

Local architect Mo Kelly took levels to demonstrate how high sea levels may be in 2100.

Others held a long purple cloth demonstrating where the seas on January 3, 2014 swept across the concrete promenade barely some seven metres from the flood defence wall to the power station.

Using a measuring staff Mo Kelly showed how high a 5 metre storm surge would be, making reference to the 18 metre storm surges seen on the Dorset coast this winter. The staff reached beyond the height of the security perimeter fence.

Gisela Renolds of Lancaster said: ‘People are concerned about how flooding will affect Heysham Nuclear power stations, and would like to know how they are preparing for climate change-induced sea level rises and storm surges.”

Marianne Birkby of Radiation Free Lakeland said: “There is no long-term solution to nuclear waste though the industry is trying to force through a nuclear dump in Cumbria.”

Alan Oulton, station director Heysham 2 power station, said: “As a responsible company we are always looking at ways to improve every aspect of all we do on site and although we have no significant concerns at present and certainly no safety concerns regards our sea defences, all our operations are open to scrutiny from our many independent regulators.”

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