VIDEO: Sing a Song for Christmas

A former Britain’s Got Talent contestant is the next person to take on our Sing a Song for Christmas challenge.

Mr Zip, of Where Me Keys, Where Me Phone fame, attempted Jingle Bells and came up with a Christmas tune of his own along with the Bay Bear.

Sing a Song for Christmas 2014.

Sing a Song for Christmas 2014.

As Christmas is fast approaching and we are searching for the ultimate sing-along videos to display on our websites.

Whether you are a member of a choir, band, school or musical organisation we want to hear from you.

It doesn’t have to be a full Christmas song or carol, it can be a verse, line or full set.

Whatever takes your fancy we don’t mind, as long as it is festive, (so be sure to wear your Santa hats) and send a short recording.

The more videos we get from you the more of an advent calendar we can create.

In order to make the cut for our sing a song for Christmas please email in your clips as an MP4 file as soon as possible.

To take part please send your recordings to

For more information please call 01524 385932.