VIDEO: Pizza maker Gail’s slice of lottery luck

A pizza counter worker celebrating a £1m lottery win has vowed that her good fortune will not change her.

Carnforth mum-of-two Gail Colledge, 53, said she had no plans to upgrade her house or car after winning the cash in the EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle.

Gail Colledge has wom �1,000,000 on the Euromillions raffle.

Gail Colledge has wom �1,000,000 on the Euromillions raffle.

And Gail, who only bought her ticket to use up loose change in her pocket, will still turn up for three final shifts on the pizza counter at Asda in Kendal.

The win comes after a terrible start to the year for the former Carnforth High School pupil, who lost her husband, Trevor, 61, to pancreatic cancer in February.

Gail, who has a daughter, Stacey, 26, in Lancaster, and a son, Graham, 24, in Hastings, said that if Trevor had been with her to share her good fortune he would be “sitting at home buying motorbikes by the dozen.”

But besides planning to fly first-class to see her old school friend Gill Allen, who she has seen just twice in 42 years, at Virgina Beach, Norfolk, in the United States, Gail said she had no plans to treat herself.

She said: “I live in a perfectly average three-bedroom mid-terrace but I won’t be moving because it’s my home, where I raised my children and where my friends are. But I have plans for improvements and a new bathroom will be top of the agenda.

“I won’t be getting a new car because my Citroen Picasso works perfectly well thank you, but I will buy my children whatever they want for Christmas.

“My lottery win will change my life but it won’t change me as a person. The one thing it can’t buy me is my husband back.”

Gail, who previously worked in signals for the Royal Signals and as a site supervisor at Nether Kellet Community Primary School, said her win had “still not sunk in that much at the moment”.

She said she did not always play the EuroMillions game, but had used up some loose change by buying a ticket at the Spar in Carnforth – leaving with just seven pence in her purse.

She had just had her early morning coffee the day after the draw on July 12 when she checked her numbers, but her disbelief was such she had to do so three times.

She said: “I ran to the shop to get my ticket verified because I still couldn’t believe it. I then went straight to my mum’s in Carnforth and cried and had a cup of tea. It’s still not real yet. My son’s reaction when I texted him was priceless. He said ‘What! You do know it’s not April 1 don’t you ma?’”

Gail said she did not have to think twice about leaving her job at Asda, where she has worked for seven years, including three on the pizza counter.

“I love my job and will miss the people but when you have £1m in the bank you don’t need to work do you?”