VIDEO: Lancaster’s longest day

Friday June 21 is midsummer’s day, the longest day of the year, and the perfect opportunity to celebrate the best our area has to offer.

To mark the occasion, Guardian reporters have been out and about around the district, recording our favourite landmarks and the best views of the city and surrounding area.

Our unique video has been set to a special song about Lancaster, by former resident Dave Hodkinson.

Dave, who now lives in Ontario, Canada, wrote and performs the song Town With a Castle, which runs throughout our video and is a fine backdrop to the film footage.

Also look out for the video produced by our sister paper, The Visitor, about Morecambe and the bay, featuring a song about the bay Dave.

The project is part of the nationwide “Summer of Love” campaign, which has been launched across Johnston Press titles in a bid to boost local businesses and encourage them to advertise.

Editor Nicola Adam said: “ We really wanted to showcase the things that make Lancaster great and we hope the video, alongside Dave’s fantastic lyrics, do just that.

“Quentin Tarantino is hardly quaking in his boots but we think the short films, filmed in a day on mobile phones by our staff and contributors and edited together by reporter Adam Lord, really chronicle the #longestlocalday. If you love Lancaster or Morecambe, you will really love the films.”