VIDEO: Ferrari speedster clocked doing more than 100mph in 30mph zone

A boasting speedster who was clocked doing 120mph in a £150,000 Ferrari has been jailed '“ after a former business pal posted his driving antics on YouTube.

Monday, 7th March 2016, 1:20 pm
Updated Monday, 7th March 2016, 1:46 pm
Neil Casson driving his Ferrari speeding down Ballam Road,Lytham

Self-claimed ‘lottery’ winner Neil Casson was filmed going from zero to 100mph on a Fylde road in just seven seconds.

His passenger later put that film on the social network site as an act of revenge after the duo later fell out over a business deal.

Police were alerted to the film which showed 48-year-old Casson slowing down the red Ferrari 458 Spider - which he had told friends he had bought with some £1.24m winnings on the National Lottery – to a halt outside Green Drive Golf Club.

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He then put the car gear box into race mode, accelerating in the face of oncoming traffic on Ballam Road in Lytham to 102mph in just seven seconds.

A court heard today how at times Casson did 120mph as the road went from a 30mph limit to the national speed limit of 60mph, at one stage dangerously over-taking a van on a bend.

In the passenger seat alongside Casson was a business partner Kevin Moore who filmed the car’s speedometer and Casson’s smiling face as the Ferrari hurtled along Ballam Road.

Peter Bardsley, prosecuting at Blackpool Magistrates’ Court, said that later – when the two men fell out over a deal – Moore said unless he got his way he would put the film on You Tube – which he did.


The footage, which was played in court, showed Casson saying: “Right we are stood still.

“I am putting it in race mode.”

The car‘s engine ‘s howled as Casson went through the gears before stating to Moore: “That’s it a ton in seven seconds. How quick is that - quicker than ‘owt you have ever been in.”

Further down the road Casson remarked: “I don’t like speeding in a 30mph limit but it keeps coming up speed limit exceeded.”

Moore is heard to say: “I am videoing you...hell that’s quick.”

The prosecutor said that police looked at the YouTube footage and prosecuted Casson for dangerous driving which he admitted at court.

“The police say that driving a Ferrari at that speed on a narrow road would mean other vehicles would not have the chance to get out of the way,” said the prosecutor.

When Casson was interviewed by police he told them: “I am used to driving high powered vehicles. I have had the Ferrari for a year.

“I gave it a bit of blast and may have exceeded the limit. It was a bit fast but it was not dangerous just normal.

“I am sure that video has been tampered with. Mr Moore wanted money off me and he threatened to put it on YouTube.”

John Halewood-Dodd, defending, said: “It was some time after the date of the offence that the matter came to the attention of police when it was placed on YouTube.

“I do not accept that the video was doctored. My client was trying to impress Mr Moore as they were involved in some business transactions at the time.

“The phrase boys with toys springs to mind. This is always going to be the sort of vehicle which attracts police attention. My client faces other matters involving fraud at the Crown Court to which he has already pleaded guilty and awaits sentence.”

One of the charges Casson has admitted at the higher court is fraud against Ferrari Finance whom he told he had won £1.24m on the Lottery when in fact he had only won £25 on a weekly lottery run by his local cricket club.

Jailing Casson for 10 weeks District Judge Jeff Brailsford told him: “This was a big fast powerful car and the risk you created was enormous as you drove to impress the passenger. It was only by the Grace of God that nothing happened.”

Casson, of Birch Avenue, Galgate, near Lancaster, was also banned from the road for 18 months and must take a re-test before he can drive again.