VIDEO ELECTION INTERVIEW: Cait Sinclair (Green), Morecambe and Lunesdale

We talk to Cait Sinclair, Green Party candidate for Morecambe and Lunesdale in the general election on June 8.

The Green Party candidate says ‘Heysham 3’ would not happen under a Green government because we should move towards “100 per cent renewable energy”.

Cait Sinclair, Green Party candidate.

Cait Sinclair, Green Party candidate.

Cait Sinclair said there was “more than enough capacity” for solar, wind and tidal energy to keep our lights on and that the UK was being left behind on renewables.

During an interview with The Visitor’s Greg Lambert, Mrs Sinclair was quizzed on the Greens’ policy to scrap production of new nuclear power plants – including a third one at Heysham – and how that would affect jobs in our area long-term.

She said: “There are more jobs in renewable technologies than there ever will be in nuclear and fracking. While there are still people trying to drag us into the past like Donald Trump and the Conservative government, the rest of the world is still moving forward regardless of them. The renewable industry has found a momentum and it’s not going to stop.”

On the controversial shale gas extraction process of fracking, the grandmother of four said: “We will be living in a gas field. They are going to industrialise the countryside. It baffles me how they can even consider it.”

Keen cyclist Mrs Sinclair, who was born in Lancaster and brought up in Warton, was also asked about the Greens’ chances of doing well in Morecambe and Lunesdale after finishing fifth out of five in 2015.

“There are at every election people who support Green policies who feel if they don’t vote for one of the big parties, their vote doesn’t count. This is why (we) want to bring in proportional representation.

“I know we have little chance of winning this constituency but every vote for Green tells the Government that our policies are popular.

“I think everyone would like to live in an ideal world and as long as we’re heading in that direction, that’s the main thing.”

*This interview took place on May 25.